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  1. Romy 14 jaar geleden

    WAT een koning, mijn kandidaatje!

  2. Jay 14 jaar geleden

    Hij weet net zo goed als wij dat de paling bijna is uitgestorven, maar dat de palingsound groter is dan ooit! Snerpende carriereswitch Jan! Een paling en een Jan; wat wil je nog meer?

  3. Chuckles 8 jaar geleden

    One other issue issue is that video games are generally serious in nature with the major focus on finding out rather than amusement. Although, it has an ennmatrineett element to keep children engaged, each one game is usually designed to work towards a specific skill set or curriculum, such as math or scientific discipline. Thanks for your article.

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  7. That tail end leaves me chilled. We know it’s an online relationship, so already, you’ve called very subtly on the audience’s own knowledge of online dating and urban legend. But you wait to activate that until the very end when she sees the woman who could be her twin. Sweet.

  8. http://www./ 8 jaar geleden

    Jim Rameous, I certainly don’t consider myself a “professional” writer, that takes a lifetime of dedication to the trade. Fortunately, my publisher St. Martin’s Press has the best editors in the world. All authors need them to survive. This, however, was a conversation between two former mates…and we don’t talk too good no how.

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