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    berend 15 jaar geleden

    Partyscene? het is toch Goldenspoon wat de klok slaat?

  2. Nevaeh 8 jaar geleden

    he didn't believe in God. He told you he is not sure about the workings of God."Thank you mel. Some folks should really learn the difference between Agnosticism and atheism. Val, thanks for those links.OK LightWorker, you have my interest. I will read up on your grig/poruanizatoon. [What do I call what you have?] R.I.P. Gary Coleman. Trickster, you are right,I feel for anyone who has to go through treatments of any kind.

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  5. levetra 8 jaar geleden

    Yea, I guess the main take away is don’t drink too much to the point where you appear vulnerable to others. Glad nothing like this has ever happened to you as well!!!

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