Jeff Mills is releasing a DVD in February 2004 that will be the next step in electronic music. It is something Mills has been experimenting and dealing with as a pioneer for a long time. In his search for innovative territories as well as the increase in global bookings for him as a dj, Mills came across the idea of simulating himself in multiple locations at the same time!

Lees verder onder extra infoThe initial test was done at Liquid Room in Tokyo in 2001.
The story: In the middle of his set, Mills disappeared from the booth, allowing the DVD filming to take over the task of the dj controlling the audience. The crowd, not realizing it was live, continued to dance effortlessly. Once they found out, they replied with overwhelming approval and the party went to the next level. Jeff rejoined the film image of himself and both he and the simulated projection djed!

The mixing elements on the DVD were all done at a studio in Detroit with a dj setup and lightning, as if it was done live at a club with a black backdrop behind Mills, so the DVD could be eventually used in many different ways. You will finally see how Mills uses his technique with all features possible with DVD.

Jeff Mills’ new DVD project ‘The Exhibitionist,’ is more programmable software than a live recording but it contains three 45 min. mixes with music from his labels Axis, Purpose Maker and Tomorrow, an in-depth interview, "the making of…", more info about Jeff Mills and the scene in Detroit and more! The CD version only features a mix with new music from Oliver Ho, Claude Young, Alan Barratt amongst others.

Jeff Mills is doing a 3-day tour in Holland this weekend with gigs at Ekko in Utrecht, 013 in Tilburg, and Paard van Troje in The Hague. Mills plays in Barcelona, Spain on New Years Eve. (11/26/03)

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