Stefan Vincent a.k.a. Stefanie heeft eindelijk een paar nummertjes uitgebracht o.a. deze

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DJ Supporting Track Reaction Dibby Dougherty Yes Both both very cool cuts, can see Dazed doing wonders on the floor, supporting both 🙂 Leon Bolier Yes Dazed cool, using this in my monthly radioshow Shawn Mitiska Yes Both Nice atmoshperic tracks here, cool Jesse Perez Yes Dazed Dazed has all the right elements for me! 🙂 Dumb Dan Yes Both cool stuff, will test!! James Grant (Anjunadeep) Yes Both sounds good, will check properly Dj Remy Yes Dazed Dazed is cool! Stian Klo Yes The Groove That Went love the ‘the groove that went’ 🙂 Phunktastike Yes Dazed Both tunes are great! Dazed the best Ill play it a lot! Thanks For sending. Sean McCaff Yes Dazed Dazed super dope deep track !! Markus Schulz Yes Both will give this a try Hans Temmerman (Belgian National Radio) Yes Both dazed: a bit too dark for me but…crazy break!!!  the groove went on: really nice warming up tune! Tom Morgan Yes The Groove That Went Prefer The Groove That Went Infusion Yes Both huge! Peak madness 🙂 John Digweed Yes Both nice tracks Liluca Yes Both Booth tracks sounds pretty well for me, good work in this music!!!! Sasha Yes Dazed Wicked – especially like Dazed-will support

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