Sometimes a higher power steps in to make sure that what is meant to happen… happens.

GONZO, one of Amsterdam’s most colourful events, is going to happen in the supperclub, one of the worlds most beautiful venues on Saturday February 14th, Valentines Night.

If you’ve never been to the supperclub, you should first check out, then you should start organizing your costume. You simply cannot miss this event.

And if you have been to the supperclub, then you’re in for a big surprise. Firstly because the GONZO / supperclub combination is sure to make sparks fly but also because the venue is going to be decorated like you’ve never seen it before. Apparently things don’t always have to be plain white.

It ain’t all about the venue though, we got PUNK ROCK KARAOKE downstairs in Le Bar Rouge, with Ice Motherf**kin ’G, Candy B*tch and DJ Stevie Rave On. These guys destroy the Winston International every 4th Monday night of the month. At GONZO they’re gonna do some nice hard rockin love songs… hey, it’s f**kin Valentines!

Upstairs in Salle Neige, the service will be conducted by Reverend Jack (Sissy Cowboys lead singer and star of ‘the trip’ on MTV), with tunes care of DJ’s Randy G Blomstar and Culprit.

And of course, the crew wouldn’t be complete without Chucky, the Worlds Smallest Doorman, The Fabulous Four, Iets Fris, and tonnes more.

The best part is, this incredible night is only going to cost you 10 euros! (no presale) Your only responsibility is to dress yourself like never before, and have the time of your life. Easy!


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